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Ligentia, a company operating under the flag of VGL Group, in 2013. Was selected in a tender for logistic services PEPCO Poland, supermarket chains apparel industry in Poland. Over the last three years Ligentia was the exclusive partner of PEPCO Poland to support maritime import shipments and provided services including, among others, organization and implementation process of the supply of container and general cargo, consolidation of shipments at ports of loading, as well as the organization of supplies to the Distribution Center Pepco.


In the whole period of our cooperation team VGL Group has established himself as a reliable, trustworthy contractor, creative and flexible partner providing advanced and custom logistics solutions – comments Malgorzata Lipka, Import Manager PEPCO Poland.


According to representatives of PEPCO Poland, after the expiration of the first contract, the new contract was concluded without competitive tendering.


Positive impact on the efficiency of our supply chain and help reduce costs associated with IT thanks to the system solutions offered by Ligentia, we are able to monitor the progress of shipments at all stages of the process. – summarize Małgorzata Lipka


The new agreement was signed for three years and includes the same range of services as the first contract. This means that Ligentia will provide services related to order management, freight and the wider supply chain, while providing logistics solutions in the field of infrastructure.


I must admit that it is a great honor for us. The extension of the cooperation for another three years without competitive tendering, is a clear signal that the proposed changes in the approach to supply chain management have proven to be optimal, which has been appreciated by our customers. – says Anna Raczkiewicz, Operations & Supply Chain and member of the board of VGL Group


In addition to the daily operation of orders, Ligentia team is also involved in other projects in the area of ​​logistics and supply chain management led by PEPCO Poland, including the search for the optimal location next warehouse and optimization of load units for container transport.


Thanks to the cooperation of PEPCO Poland could also be used on the Polish market “know-how” developed by our partners in the UK market, including order management and customer providers backed by the full integration of IT systems – adds Anna Rączkiewicz.


The company PEPCO Poland is one of the companies belonging to the holding company Pepkor, which for nearly 50 years working in the discount retail sector. Currently holding operates in 12 countries around the world, having 2,800 stores and employs 27 thousand. employees.