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One of the most important events in the schedule of VGL GROUP – the ENEA IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon competition in Gdynia, taking place on 10–11 August 2019 The project team, which supports the organization of logistics for the event, has been preparing for a long time. Despite the fact that the scope of cooperation between VGL GROUP and the organizers of the event is similar every year, the bar is set higher and higher. The competition attracts more and more participants, and the expectations of the competitors about the logistics are growing.

As a sponsor and logistical support provider, VGL GROUP is responsible for all road transport before, after, and during the event. Due to the increasing demands of the event’s participants and the rising temperature, after analysing last year’s competition, the project team proposed that innovations be introduced. Despite the change in the role, the function as the logistics partner in the event does not change: - VGL Group is still responsible for the coordination of the supply chain of the logistics for the entire event – the project includes, among others: activities in the scope of organization and optimization of road transport, both before and after the competition (return transport), storage operations, and organization of nutrition points on the cycling and running courses – reports Natalia Sielska, Project Coordinator on the side of VGL Group.

- Last year, the temperature during the competition reached over 30 degrees. – says Mateusz Szerechan, Road Team Leader at VGL Group. - Normally, the nutrition points were supplied by classic tarpaulin-top solutions, which transported water and isotonic drinks to the designated places on the route. With the competitors’ comfort in mind, we proposed that the type of the vehicles be changed to refrigerator trucks which, apart from being used for delivering the items in a timely manner, will also serve as mobile fridges. We tried this method of operation at the Warsaw Ironman competition, and we managed to deliver even ice to the points – that was not possible before.
VGL GROUP is also responsible for storing the goods which, among other things, will allow to build the entire setting of the event: - Our warehouse is beginning to receive deliveries from sponsors a month before the event – says Artur Czylkowski, Logistics Director. - Our most important task is to properly identify the shipments and then to sort the goods according to their purpose. We divide the goods into 3 main groups – things for competitors and starter kits, advertising materials from sponsors, and technical elements for the organizer.

- Working on the organization of such a large event is something completely different from what we do every day. – Katarzyna Jankowska, HR Director – It is a big challenge, but the satisfaction during the event is even greater – especially since we can contribute to the sports successes of our employees and business partners, who will jointly participate as #teamVGL in the event.

Preparations for the start have entered the key stage. In the area of logistics, all the organizational elements are secured by experts from VGL Group. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed for the physical form of the competitors and the weather during the event!