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VGL GROUP won the Logistics Leader Award in the Logistics Operator of the year 2020 survey in the category ‘The Most Complete Package of Services Offered by the Forwarder".

The year 2020 has been defined by the global crisis like no other year in the experience of the current generations. Facing unprecedented adversity, all activities, including economic activities, had to show resilience and had to remain efficient at all costs. Many times, the ability to adapt to the new situation required that activities be shifted to new tracks. Last year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey: The Logistics Operator of the Year was conducted at dates later than usual, so as to investigate the change in demand for logistic services in the period following the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Logistics Operator of the Year is one of the most recognised satisfaction surveys carried out among the customers of logistics operators, providing objective information about the scope and quality of logistics services offered on the market. For more than a decade the survey has been delivered by Data Group Consulting and Eurologistics Publishing House. This is the third time we have been awarded the title of Logistics Leader in the Logistics Operator of the Year survey – over the past years we have won the awards in the categories ‘Comprehensive Services’ (2018) , ‘Road, Rail, Aviation and Maritime Forwarding’ (2017), while in the previous edition of the survey we won a special prize in the category ‘Using Modern Technologies in Customer Communication” (2019).

The objective of the annual Logistics Operator of the Year survey is to provide market participants with the information about customer expectations and the standard of performance of logistics services provided. Based on the survey results, a ranking of companies which enjoy the greatest trust of customers is compiled. The ranking is used to promote logistics services of the highest quality. The assessment covers many aspects of company management, such as the competitive potential of the company vis-a-vis its peers, comprehensiveness of logistics services, meeting the assumed standards of logistics services, standard of service according to the evaluation of key customers, standard of service according to the evaluation of all customers, position of the market leader as perceived by key customers and position of the market leader as perceived by all customers. By setting the service quality assessments against customers’ needs and expectations and their perception of the entire competitive environment, the survey programme allows its participants to measure their market position.