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Industry specialists find the Ranking to be one of the most merits-based and objective barometers of the state of the entire transportation, freight-forwarding and logistics market in Poland. It is supervised by the Warsaw School of Economics, represented by prof. dr hab. Halina Brulak. It measures the strengths and weaknesses of the industry, thus it may be interesting to know the results for this year.


Problems with liquidity, difficulties posed by Brexit, personnel shortages – these are the major challenges faced by the industry. The consistent answers of the respondents clearly show that personnel shortages and an insufficient number of qualified drivers are the biggest problems. In order to face them,  all participants strive to intensify their efforts to attract young employees. If they want to be successful, they need to place importance on technology and innovations. Polish enterprises mostly employ middle-aged drivers, young people make up only 15% of their employees and the businesses are short of 100k employees.

Even though there are some issues, the overall situation of the TSL industry is good. Certain aspects of the future remain uncertain, but the current situation is mostly considered positive. One thing is clear for everybody – it will be impossible to meet the needs of clients without digitalizing and automating the supply chain. This is the consequence of technological development and changes experienced by the entire economy. The Polish TSL market is maturing and needs to face up to new challenges. It is tackling problems on the one hand, but also dealing with growing clients’ expectations on the other.

Despite this challenging situation, our enterprise maintains its high position in the industry – the same TSL Ranking showed that the VGL Group continues to rank among the best. In terms of 2018 TSL revenue, we were ranked as 11th, and in the ranking by road freight-forwarding revenue, we took the 4th position.