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AIR FREIGHT See what we can do during the flight!
We are accredited by IATA.
By joining the International Air Transport Association in 2013, VGL Solid Group became a member of one of the largest networks in the world that associates airlines and their partners, which vastly increased our logistics capabilities.
Regular flights
Thanks to our own consolidation services from China, Bangladesh and India, we ensure regular and efficient deliveries and the high cost-effectiveness of transportation.
Courier on board
For demanding shipments and urgent deliveries, we offer our “courier on board” service. We guarantee safe transport in an extremely short time.
to the destination point
Fast deliveries to the destination point
Do not worry about time, even if your shipment has to reach the farthest corners of the world. Choose the quickest and safest mode of transport for your goods.
COMPREHENSIVE SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS BY VGL SOLID GROUP, PART OF LIGENTIA Our solutions are valued and chosen by our customers due to their comprehensive nature – our team is on hand to provide solutions for all of your logistics challenges.
140 000 TEU
110 000 FTL
115 000 m² DC
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