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We have extended our cooperation with the organiser of the Ironman Triathlon, one of the biggest events of this kind. What challenges await us this year?

Months of hard work, many unforeseen situations requiring an immediate response, planning skills, lots of details to iron out, often a difficult route to follow, and in the end, immense satisfaction. This is the everyday work of a logistician, and also what a participant of IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw and Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia is faced with. Having noticed these similarities, we decided to extend our cooperation with Sport Evolution.

Our role has changed, but not our function as a logistics partner for this event.  We are still in charge of coordinating the supply chain for the entire logistics side of the event. Among others, the project involves the organisation and optimisation of road transport, both before and after the competition, warehouse operations, and the organisation of refreshment points along the bike course and the run course. There are two editions of the competition in Poland ahead of us.

Last year’s experience enabled us to go a step further and extend our role to that of a sponsor this year. ‘The roots of our company are right here, in Gdynia. This is the birthplace of a company that now, 19 years later, boasts over 550 employees in 19 locations in Poland and abroad. When we were asked three years ago to provide logistical support for an event of such prestige and significance for Gdynia, we knew that it would be a worthwhile effort for all parties involved,’ says Katarzyna Jankowska from the VGL Group. ‘We invited many of our Clients, Business Partners and Employees with ties to sport, including the triathlon, to participate in the competitions. Together, we built a team of several dozen, who joined the IRONMAN event. Our partnership with Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia means a huge operational challenge, but also great joy and team spirit.

‘The VGL Group logistics experts provide comprehensive support for the logistics side of the event and take an active part in the event itself as participants and volunteers.’ A large #teamVGL team, consisting of employees and partners, will participate in the competition in Gdynia.